• King Koil Tri-Chiro™

    Some of us spend a third of our lives contributing to underlying back problems by sleeping on unsuitable mattress and support products. The wrong surface support can cause our alignment to slip into an un-natural shape or contribute to excess pressure on the hip and shoulder zones. The right surface provides proper body support, carry’s body weight evenly and helps support the body in a natural straight line alignment. King Koil uses the advise of the respected International Chiropractors Association to design bedding solutions that help counter these problems and provide the support your body needs.

  • Don’t spend your night
    bent out of shape

    With King Koil’s Chiropractor endorsed support night after night, you can be sure you won’t spend one third of your life bent out of shape.

  • Tri-Chiro™ Posture System

    ChiroSpans™ across the centre third of your mattress target support where it’s most needed, the Posture Pad™ layer provides resistant support while Tuff-Edge™ borders stop your mattress from bending out of shape.

  • Trusted the World Over

    King Koil beds are sold in 73 countries across the world, and provide healthy sleep to millions of families. This is testimony to the enduring support of King Koil beds.

  • Chiropractor Approved

    Over 100 million people across 85 nations receive professional Chiropractic care for back and spinal conditions. The International Chiropractors Association believes that proper postural support during sleep can help alleviate these conditions and the on-set of back problems in later life.